Simply Honest


What started out as a way to keep busy during the summer vacation months away from college, Simply Honest surpassed my original ideas and became something a lot more exciting.

As someone who still keeps every Birthday, Christmas and Thank You card she receives, you could say I’ve grown attached to the idea of a handwritten sentiment. In a fast-growing digital age of e-cards and social media shout-outs, there’s just something about opening your mail box to find a piece of mini-artwork that someone took the time to pick out and write inside, just for you…

And so Simply Honest was born. As the name suggests, my goal was to create simplistic designs while allowing individuals to write their most honest affections inside.

Since opening the shop on Etsy in June 2011, I’ve had the privilege to work with so many wonderful and creative customers. Bringing someone else’s ideas to life is perhaps the best feeling in the world—and I hope to reopen the shop sometime soon.